Mike Peterson

I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  I've been photographing since the early 1990's - the film days.  I've always enjoyed taking photos.  I was hooked when it gave an additional reason to attend professional auto racing venues.  A photographer friend and I shot Formula One car's in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Indycar's at Indianapolis, Detroit, Mid-Ohio, and a host of other events.  Photography has always been a creative process that allows one to express themselves pictorially.  It's the way we use light, color temperature, and interesting composition in an individualistic way to communicate visually our thoughts and feelings.  The digital age changed photography in a positive way such that you can shoot and shoot trying new things with immediate feedback and not worry about being out of film or the expense of having to develop a lot of images.  In addition, I am still amazed at what can be done during post processing!  We are in a golden age of photography and creating beautiful memorable images of our time.  I hope you truly enjoy my images and I hope that you can find the warmth and peacefulness in each.  Also, I consider them a snippet of the time in which we live, which in the grand scheme of things, is really a very short moment.  

My other interests in live include dogs, cycling, running, adventure racing, ice hockey, canoeing/kayaking, climbing, playing drums in a small band.  I'm fortunate to be married to Michelle who also is very active with running and cycling, and loves our dogs like kids.  We've raced 4 day adventure races together and have competed in Ironman events.  Our dogs keep us moving.  They are high energy German Wirehairs, plus a Husky-Malamute.  Life is just too short to sit still!

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