Photo News

New Camera - Sony launches the A7 and A7r.  

Sony has again released an amazing new camera.  Theses are the first full frame mirror-less camera's and may be a formidable competitor Nikon and Canon DSLR's.  Read more at:

New Camera - Nikon DF

Nikon has yielded to the retro look by launching the Nikon DF camera.   Read more at:

News - Adobe Hacked

The software company who created PDF applications Acrobat, Reader, in addition to graphic design software Photoshop and Lightroom, has been hacked.  Read more at:

Photography Notables

Here is a very brief list of photographers or photo related inspirations that are making an impact on photography today.

Trey Ratcliff

Trey has developed an incredible following with his very dynamic landscape imagery.  He is one of the worlds most talented HDR (high dynamic range) photographer.  He also has two photos hanging in the Smithsonian (HDR images) that won the 4th Smithsonian photo contest.  He currently travels the world taking beautiful HDR images, blogs about his experiences and hosts several photo walks around his New Zealand residence.  He can be found at his website:

Frederick Van Johnson

Frederick Van began his photography career in the Air Force.  Since then, he has created a weekly podcast called This Week in Photo (aka TWiP).  He hosts and discusses significant photography news and topics, and the "pick of the week" with his featured guests.  He also has a marketing company for photographers with tutorials, interviews and marketing tools.  You can learn more at,, and

Jim Harmer

Jim took a photography and turned it into a business while attending law school.  He currently hosts a weekly podcast called The Improve Photography Podcast.  He discusses recent photo news, answers listener questions, gear recommendations.  He also has photo classes through the web in a variety of photography related topics and much advice on gear and techniques.  His website is and his portfolio website is